Resources for the Cult Film Fan

It’s funny when some people claim to adore 80s movies, but can’t seem to name much beyond the typical titles. Before Netflix and the rest of the on-line movie distribution boom, this could be blamed for local video retailers not carrying a more diverse catalog, save the occasional goldmine of rare titles.

A good resource for the fan of obscure 80s movies (and, eventually, movies from the 70s and 90s, too) is the website Fastrewind. Although, reasoning follows that if you’re a fiend for obscure 80s movies, chances are you’ve stumbled across it already in building a must-see list. (the 80s companion being called “The 80s Movie Rewind”) offers some of the same criteria of the Internet Movie Database with commentator reviews and a rating system, a synopsis of the film (which is actually more a Wiki attribute), user-submitted trivia (most of it identical to that found on the IMDB page and not all of it really being bona fide trivia), soundtrack information (where available), stills, messageboards, and links to any existing external sites. The catalog of films covers a good range of genres, and they seem to add a few movies to the list every month, some of the containing a wish list of movies which they invite site visitors to write reviews and synopses. Even the theme of the 80s portion of the site (there are also 70s and 90s companions) matches the style of the decade.


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